Friday, August 28, 2015

Lessons From Kids - Take a Break

Life can get overwhelming at times.  If it is then stop, take a break.  Sometimes all you need to do is let loose and dance… or a little sunshine… or dancing in the sunshine.  It is amazing how the simple things in life can rejuvenate the soul.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Ossmens

Let me start off by saying that I love this cute little family!  Yes they are related to me, but besides that they are fun to be with.  There is always lots of joking and laughter when I am with them.  I have loved having the opportunity to document their growing family.  You can see their maternity shoot HERE and their adorable little baby's newborn shoot HERE.  Thank you Eric and Caitlin for letting me capture your perfect little family at this fun time of life.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Lessons From Nature - Two Trees

I have been learning a lesson from two trees in my yard.  We bought our home two years ago.  When we moved in the grass, yard, and garden area were all a complete wasteland.  We set to work sowing grass seed, flowers, landscaping and planting lots of trees.  Not long after we moved in my parents from Idaho came to visit, and along with them they brought several plants from their yard.  Among the bounty were two little maple trees that had started growing from seed.  They were knee high to a toddler, without a single leaf growing.  We eagerly planted them with high hopes of having two tall beautiful maple trees in several years.

Fast forward two years and here they are:  One only a few inches taller than when we planted it with a few struggling leaves, and the other as tall as a grown man with a bounty of healthy leaves.

Both trees grew from seeds from the same maple tree.  Both trees were planted the same day.  Both trees have been watered and mulched with great care.  Both trees receive the same amount of sunlight each day.  So why is one struggling to survive while the other is flourishing?  I don't have the answer for you but it makes me reflect on my own life and ask, which tree am I like?

You may feel that you are the tree struggling to survive while others around you are growing every day.  You may have similar backgrounds.  You may have similar beliefs.  You may have similar training and education.  You may have similar hopes and dreams.  What makes some struggle to survive and slowly dwindle while others spread their wings (or leaves) and grow faster and farther than all expectations?  Again, I do not have the answer for you.

All that I know is that the potential is there.  If you want something enough and work hard at it then you can be like the tree who is growing vigorous and lush--whether that means in your personal life, business, your faith, or any goals you may have.  Your background is set, but your future is still to be determined.  I hope that you choose to flourish and grow beyond all expectations.  The potential is there.

Monday, August 10, 2015

The Dangerfields

I had the wonderful opportunity to reconnect with some amazing family friends.  Growing up our families would get together and have so much fun.  Sometimes we would go horse riding, or swimming with lots of pizza afterwards, or just hang out playing games.  It was always a blast hanging out with the Dangerfields.  It has been several years since I last saw them, so when they were all in Salt Lake for their grandfather's funeral and asked me on short notice if I could take their family pictures, I was happy that I was available.  Each of them have changed so much, many are married now and have kids.  Thank you Dangerfields for having me take your family photos.  You are beautiful and just as fun as ever!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Hoopers

I loved working with this sweet family!  There is so much personality in each and everyone of them, which made photographing them a blast!  We went up to the top of beautiful Santaquin canyon where there is a big open meadow and tons of aspen trees all around.  It made for the perfect location and provided plenty of opportunity for the kids to just be kids!  Thank you Hoopers for allowing me to capture your beautiful family at this fun stage of life!