Thursday, March 24, 2016


That's right…baby #3 is on its way and we couldn't be more excited!  Nervous? Yes. Scared? Yes. But excited just the same.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Lexi's Baptism Shoot

I had the opportunity to photograph the fun, adorable and spunky Lexi for her upcoming baptism into the LDS church.  Lexi turned 8 this month and being around her is pure joy.  I asked Lexi about her best friend and she told me she doesn't have just one best friend because she has so many friends!  I believe it, this girl is friendly, nice and an awesome person to be around.  Thanks Lexi for the fun day strolling along the Spanish Fork trail and thank you to her wonderful parents for asking me to take pictures of your sweet daughter.

We did a few photos of Lexi with her cute little brother Gavin.  She is the best big sister to him.

I took Gavin's newborn photos last year.  You can click HERE to see those.  He has definitely grown up but is still the adorable little man that he was a year ago!

Lexi then changed into her beautiful new white baptism dress.  It was beyond perfect on her!

Once again thank you Lexi and to your parents for asking me to take these photos of you.  What a fun and exciting time in your life.  Happy 8th birthday!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Provo Canyon Engagements : Brandon and Jojo

I first met Brandon nine years ago.  Back then he was young, adorable, and had the nickname of Little B.  A couple years after meeting him he became my brother in law.  That's right, this handsome guy is family.  

One hot July day, Brandon and a friend decided to go long boarding along the Provo Canyon trail.  As they were riding they passed a girl running.  Not just any girl though, this girl was different.  The difference being that she looked like she was about ready to die or pass out right then and there.  Brandon offered her a drink of water out of his camel back, which she gratefully accepted.  That generous gulp of water was the start of something really great.

It sure didn't take long for the family to realize that Brandon and Jojo were perfect for each other.  We all eagerly anticipated the day they would finally get engaged.  During the Super Bowl a few weeks ago they made the announcement and I think we all celebrated louder for them then we did when the Broncos won!  

Somewhere along the line in those past nine years Little B graduated to the nickname of Big B.  Now he is off on his biggest adventure yet and there is no one else more perfect than Jojo to be by his side.  We are all beyond excited for the two of you!  Congratulations and thank you for asking Ryan and me to take your engagement photos for you!

We started the shoot off up Provo Canyon.  What better place then right by where they first met?

Their adorable little german shepherd puppy Mira joined us for pictures and she made it so much fun!  Just look how cute she is, and look how perfect their little family is already!

Can I say super models?!!!

Jojo you are beyond beautiful!

After the canyon we decided to head over to downtown Provo where we found some fun walls…Did I mention these two are like super models?

 Brandon and Jojo we just adore the two of you!  We are so excited for your wedding this June and are excited to officially be able to call you our sister Jojo!